99.9% Purity Freezer and Refrigerant Gas R134A For Sale

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99.9% Purity Freezer and Refrigerant Gas R134A For Sale

R134a is internationally recognized asone of the main refrigerant working substances to substitute CFC-12. It doesnot contain chlorine atom, gives no bad effects against ozonosphere and hasexcellent safety performances, such as non-inflammability, non-explosiveability, non-toxicity, non-pungency, and non-corrosive ability. It is acolorless gas under ordinary temperature and a colorless & transparentliquid under the pressure of itself. As the substitute for CFC-12, it is oftenused in the refrigerating systems of auto air conditioners, commercial andindustrial purposes, and as the vesicant, it is used to produce theheat-protective material made of rigid plastics, and also to prepare otherblend refrigerants, such as R404A & R407C.

Price for R134a is changing according to seasons and market. Price is from USD58-USD65 according to different destinations.


Index Unit HFC-134a
Chemical formula CH2FCF3
Molecular weight g/mol 102.0
Boiling point

101.3kpa (℃)

Freezing point 101.3kpa (℃) -96.6
Critical temperature 101.1
Critical pressure KPa 4066.6
Saturated liquid density (25℃) Kg/m3 1188.1
Specific heat (25℃liquid) KJ/kg·k 1.42
Critical density g/cm3 0.512
Vaporization heat at boiling point KJ/kg 215.0
Water solubility (25℃) W% 0.15
GWP 0.29

Quality Specification:

Index Quality Performance
Appearance Colorless & transparent liquid
Purity %≥ 99.9%
Moisture %≤ 0.001
Acidity (as HCl)%≤ 0.0001
Evaporation residue %≤ 0.01
Chlorides(Cl-) test %≤ 0.0003
No condensable gas (V/V) %≤ 1.0

Packing:13.6kg/30lb; 22.7kg/50lb; 940kg/926L; ISO TANK

PS:HS Code 29033090.90. DG class 2.2; UN No.3159

Additional information




Item Weight

‎19 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎18.25 x 12.32 x 10.75 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number



‎Steel, brass

Manufacturer Part Number



‎12 Volts

Reviews (13)
13 reviews

13 reviews for 99.9% Purity Freezer and Refrigerant Gas R134A For Sale

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  1. Lakhwinder Tuteja

    I ordered this and it was totally empty when I called customer service they talked very rude with me and cut the phone very trash service would never recommend buying this product😡😡😡

  2. GG Group Thai Customer

    After proper training and acquiring proper equipment, it helps keep all my air conditioners running in top condition.

  3. Shem

    Tank was fine but the lquid and gas sides were reversed. It took me a while to figure out why my recovery machine wasn’t work correctly. I ended up having to pry off the knobs and reverse my connections but now it works. During assembly someone probably put the dip tube in the wrong hole inside the tank or maybe just installed the knobs on the wrong side. Poor quality control.

  4. Shelbi

    Exactly what I ordered, good price and fast shipping.

  5. Margaret

    I need my money back these are empty. Who would pay 199. For an empty cylinder

  6. Cale

    Great price

  7. Skyler Ward

    30lbs will fill my buss air up on my Prevost and this product did not. It was light when I got it. I got robbed. Need money back or another bottle sent out.

  8. Clareview Auto Repair

    I ordered the tanks for the price of full ones and they are all empty

  9. Lewis Custom Fabrications LLC

    All you people need to learn how to read nowhere does it say its a charged freon supply tank , clearly says recovery tank!

  10. JR

    No complaints here. Works for me and my needs. People need to learn how to read. This item doesn’t come charged with R134A. This is to recover R134A. It comes charged with 300 psi of nitrogen.

  11. Francyne B.

    On nous vend 30 lbs de gaz R134 et le paquet au total avec la tank en métal qui pèse à elle seul environ 20 lbs est de 25 lbs. Il y a à peine pour faire un auto. La quantité n’est pas bonne……. je veux être remboursé…… 350 dollars avec taxe pour 5 lbs… pas très correct . En plus les connection sont fait pour du gaz R410. Ça prend un adapteur.

  12. Gary Hines

    This producxt is not what it is advertised??? I was exspecting freon 134 in this bottle…. It is a recovery bottle Not worth one darn PeNNY ,, Just a Plain old ripoof fron Mastercool Products .. I am not at all happy with empty bottle for 200.00 dollars . Now after realizing ( Opening the box today) July 2 nd 2023 it is supposidely not returnable ,, YOU GET What YOU PAYY FOR an empty Bottle of HOT air NO 134 Freon.. Thanks a hell of a lot about your HOT AIR ..I expect to have a full refund on this Product Because of falsely advertised on the GG Group Thai site .. And dont you worry I will bad mouth your procucts .. Mastercool the master ripoffs
    Gary Hines

  13. kevin spears

    Ordered and received this item and I am a professional automotive repair shop with the proper equipment and this jug had 7 1/2 lbs in it and then was empty
    Will not buy again and to all others beware

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