Installer Kit for R134A Refrigerant Air Conditioner

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Technical Specifications:

  1. Refrigerant Compatibility:
    • R134A
  2. Tools Included:
    • The kit may include a manifold gauge, hoses, connectors, and other installation tools specific to R134A refrigerant.
  3. Application:
    • Designed for installing air conditioning systems using R134A refrigerant.

Uses: The Installer Kit for R134A Refrigerant Air Conditioner is suitable for:

  • Installing new air conditioning units
  • Replacing or upgrading existing air conditioning systems

Installer Kit for R134A Refrigerant Air Conditioner – Sold by GG Group Thai

Description: Optimize your R134A refrigerant air conditioner installation with the Installer Kit, available through GG Group Thai. This comprehensive kit is designed to simplify the installation process for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Ensure efficient and precise installation of your air conditioning system with this all-in-one solution.

Key Features:

  1. Tailored for R134A Refrigerant:
    • The Installer Kit is specifically designed for use with R134A refrigerant, ensuring compatibility and efficiency in air conditioning systems.
  2. Comprehensive Tools:
    • The kit includes a range of essential tools for installation, ensuring you have everything you need in one package.
  3. User-Friendly Design:
    • Designed for ease of use, the Installer Kit facilitates a smooth and efficient installation process for air conditioning units.
  4. High-Quality Materials:
    • All tools in the kit are crafted from durable and reliable materials to withstand the demands of air conditioner installation.

Ordering Information: For inquiries, pricing details, or to place your order for the Installer Kit for R134A Refrigerant Air Conditioner, contact GG Group Thai via email at

Simplify your R134A air conditioner installation with the Installer Kit – Quality Tools by GG Group Thai.

Additional information



‎R134A Valve Core Quick Remover Installer

Item Weight

‎13.1 ounces

Package Dimensions

‎7.95 x 5.2 x 2.36 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number

‎R134A Valve Core Quick Remover Installer

Manufacturer Part Number

‎R134A Valve Core Quick Remover Installer

Reviews (11)
11 reviews

11 reviews for Installer Kit for R134A Refrigerant Air Conditioner

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  1. Midnight_Eagle

    I was able to replace the leaking valve core of the low side charging port of my car. Now it’s not leaking anymore. it’s easy to use and it came with the valve cores and caps. However, the only thing I don’t like it is… it doesn’t have a hard case for the tools.

  2. Dave K.


  3. Alexis

    I only use the low pressure tool ( blue ) to remove the schrader valve. It took me around 15 minutes to get it done with no refrigerant leak, now my A/C works better 🥶 very easy to use always use safety glasses and gloves for your safety. 100% recommended because this save me a $100 dollars or more.

  4. GG Group Thai Customer

    Works like a charm for the low side, had issues with the high side allowing the old core to come out after shutting the valve, ended up having to back out the tool part of it and cracking the valve and letting the pressure shoot the old core out. From there the new core went in fine. Could have just been an issue with the old core too.

  5. Caleb Coffie

    The R134A Valve Core Quick Remover Installer stands out as a must-have tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Its design ensures a swift and hassle-free valve core removal, minimizing the risk of refrigerant loss. Built with precision and durability in mind, this tool not only speeds up the process but also guarantees consistent results every time. A game-changer for those in the HVAC and automotive sectors. Highly recommended!

  6. George’s Garage

    Update: 9-24-2023
    I have received a partial refund for the tool that didn’t work. Seller is based in another country, takes about 1-3 days to get a response, but will take care and respond and try to help.

    I tried the high side today just outside my return window. Low side fits fine. Valve cores seem okay.
    But only two stars with now knowing that only one of the two tools fit. And low side and high side are different sizes for anyone who doesn’t know.

  7. slepac

    This is for the R134A pressurized system valve replacement kit with spare valves and caps.
    Kit came well packed. I was able to swap out both high and low pressure line valves, without any refrigerant release in less than 5 minutes total. Kit more than pays for itself if your system is not completely empty on refrigerant and you have leaking valves. Recommended.

  8. Nick Childers

    My ac was at zero pressure already and so I wasn’t extremely concerned with the quality of the seals. I’m not sure these would maintain a pressure while exchanging valves but my system was at zero and I wanted to keep any additional moisture out without pumping an vacuum on the system. I feel like these did a reasonable job at this and for that situation the price beats a manifold gauge set and vacuum pump. The valve core tool was not adjustable and I had to use a fruit snack to hold onto the old one to remove it.


    It saved me time and money

  10. CK

    The idea is that you won’t open up the closed ac system, so not air or moisture gets in. So far so good, it actually is easier than you think (or not). The only problem as experienced by some here is that one of the forks will not grab the schrader valve once you unscrew it. The fork is too big. I just put some grease on the end and it somehow sticks to it. You could probably also use some other sticky stuff. So I asked myself why did they do this. It came to me when after changing the schrader valves, my ac system was still leaking. The reason for this is that the small schrader valves look all the same but they aren’t. The supplied one did not work for my car, so I ordered a complete set here on GG Group Thai and found one which not only sealed my ac but also fit the supplied grabbing fork. Good luck.

  11. Robert Brooks

    My son was able to use it and he’s not a trained refrigeration technician like I am and was able to change most cars without any problem. This tool is magnificent.

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