Manifold Gauge Set – R22 R410A

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Manifold Gauge TA122GP-1  R410A, R32
Pressure Gauge: -0.1 – 5.3 MPa
Compound meter: -0.1 – 3.8 MPa
Gauge Diameter: 3.1 inches (80 mm)
Manifold body, ball valve type opening and
closing valve, gauge mounting screw 1/8NPT,
connection port 5/16 flare, sight glass included
Pressure Gauge/Compound Gauge: R410A, R322
refrigerant with saturation temperature scale,
0 point adjustment function, high precision gauge specifications

  • 3-way air conditioning diagnostic manifold gauge set for R404a, R410a, R22 refrigerants. Designed for AC charging, diagnostic check and recovery work
  • Complete diagnostic and service gauge set for use on air condition systems (home or automotive)
  • Manifold gauge set is designed to meet 1/2″ Standard SAE requirements for refrigerant permutation
  • Include 3-PC 5FT extra long Freon charging hose, 3 color for easily recognition, red for high pressure, blue for low pressure, yellow for refrigerant bottle
  • The solid brass gauge threaded connector and hose fitting is different from the brass plated construction, corrosion-resistant and rustless, can be used for many years
Additional information
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Product Dimensions

3 x 3 x 4 inches, 2.8 Pounds

Date First Available

January 27, 2017


Stark USA

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8 reviews

8 reviews for Manifold Gauge Set – R22 R410A

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  1. firecastle

    Let me start out by saying I am not a professional A/C guy. I am however a contractor and have done home repairs for over 45 years. My A/C had a very slow leak and would start getting ice on my coils inside so I knew my system was getting low. After quotes as high as $100 a pound of 410a freon and after watching them put Freon in my system several times I decide to get 25 pounds of Freon, these gauges and a can of super sealer. For $10 I bought a kindle version of 410a information guide. Seem pretty simple and was in no hurry with my 10 year old system. I took my time followed all safety precautions and charge my system my self. Gauges work perfect. Clearly not pricey gauges but they give you all the numbers needed to fill the system along with all the fitting to attach to the tank of Freon and gates to do a slow and careful refill. My system never got so low that it would not cool but I am sure I put 5 lb in it which would of cost me $500. After following the instructions of the super sealer and dryer I added it to my system. So far my A/C works the best it ever has and seems to be maintaining the pressures. Thank you GG Group Thai for making it easy to get my cool on.

  2. K. Song

    Maybe I got a bad one.
    Looks like the blue hose did not open the valve on the pipe. When I tried to purge, nothing came out and no gauge reading. Stayed at 0.
    High side worked, so I don’t think that’s my system’s problem.

    Also, yellow hose does not stay tighten. Just bit of movement made it loosen, and leaked refrigerant every minute or so. I lost sizeable amount of refrigerant due to this problem.

    So, at the end, I failed to do anything with this.
    Maybe I got a bad one, but I think there is a reason why people buy name brand ones even though they are a lot more expensive.

    I will see whether I can return this.

  3. Randy Holland

    A terrible product. The hoses have a hard white gasket that won’t let the pin depressor contact the Shrader valve pin. Neither the red or the blue hose would allow the depressor to push the pin and so the gauges both read zero. I removed the hoses and replaced them with two old hoses I used to use for R-22 and immediately the Shrader pins depressed and I had gauge pressure. I tried to use the yellow charging hose to add R-410a and liquid refrigerant leaked around the treads. I was unable to hand-tighten it enough to stop the leak so I replaced it with the remaining R-22 hose which worked fine.
    I don’t know the reason for the hard white gaskets but they are CRAP. I’m going to return them and get a better set. I can’t speak to the reliability of the gauges themselves (they worked for me this time) but the manufacturer’s choice regarding the hoses makes them suspect to me as well.
    For the record I do have the EPA Universal Technician certification.

  4. GG Group Thai Customer

    One of the hoses came with a hole in it.

  5. ACTech47

    This manifold set has white gaskets instead of the traditional black rubber ones. They are a bit more difficult to tighten, but I noticed they just do not degrade like the black ones do.

    Very good quality for the price point.

  6. GD

    Get’s the job done for a great price. I only needed this to install 2 R410a minisplit systems so I did not want to spend a lot just to pressure test and vacuum out the systems. It’s clearly not of the highest quality like some of the more expensive ones as the hoses and gaugues seem cheaply made. You may want to spend the extra money if you are using it professionally. However, this one worked perfectly for me for the few times that I needed it. Thanks for the deal.

  7. steelhme

    Description said 410a there was no 410a adapter for mini splits.

  8. Jhamar

    It does what it needs to but I had to adjust the Schrader needle it wasn’t coming in contact on the high side. It’s cheap but it works. This will be my last time buying a cheap set tho the more expensive ones are made with better quality and will last longer. This will hopefully get me through the year. If your out in the field everyday this won’t last.

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