Mastercool- R410A, R22, R404A Manifold Gauge

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Brass 2 Way Manifold Set w/3 1/8 Gauges, 3-60 Hoses and Standard 1/4 Fittings

  • Free-floating piston type valves reduce o-ring wear.
  • Extra access port for vacuum line.
  • Silicone dampened gauges smooth out needle movement.
  • Gauges can be easily recalibrated in the field to maintain accuracy.
  • Extra large sight glass for visual refrigerant check.
  • Large easy-to-grip knobs.

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10.25 x 3.75 x 12 inches, 4 Pounds

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March 3, 2008


Fotronic Corporation

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8 reviews

8 reviews for Mastercool- R410A, R22, R404A Manifold Gauge

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  1. Zero Signal

    My home AC system’s evaporator began freezing up recently. This is often an indication that the system is undercharged, most likely due to a leak. I’ve had service companies come out in the past to fix this system (too frequently, unfortunately) but the quality of the work is always hit and miss. Plus, we’re in the middle of AC season and I usually end up waiting up to a couple of weeks for a tech to come out. As much as I keep promising myself that I’ll pay people to do the stuff I don’t want to do, I often end up doing it myself. OK, DIY it is.

    I’ve worked on plenty of mobile AC systems in the past but not very many residential systems. My R22 gauge set is probably 40 years old, doesn’t have superheat/subcool temperatures for R410a, and all the hoses needed to be replaced. I decided to go ahead and buy a gauge set.

    I looked at some that were half the price of this set. They had a 4th port to connect a vacuum pump and a sight glass (both nice features that this gauge set doesn’t have), but the reviews were OK at best. R410a is a relatively high pressure and moderately expensive refrigerant and the last thing I wanted was to have a leak or worse. I settled on Yellowjacket as I’ve used their stuff in the past and it’s a good combination of affordability and quality.

    This is a pretty good set of entry-level gauges. They’re legible, the quality seems to be fine, and the handwheels for the valves are metal. I have an R134a gauge set with plastic handwheels and one disintegrated after a relatively mild hit so I’ve grown to LOATHE plastic handwheels.

    Using them was straightforward. I connected them to the condenser, purged the lines and connected a tank of 410a. I topped the system off with liquid refrigerant through the low-side line and it was very easy to throttle the valve to prevent hitting the compressor with a big slug of liquid refrigerant. It was also easy to read the temperature on the gauge to get the amount of superheat just right.

    I’m probably going to add a valve core depressor on the end of the high-side hose. Removing that hose from the condenser dumps a lot of liquid refrigerant and gave me a slight case of frostbite on my index finger. A valve core depressor allows you to close the Schrader valve before removing the hose. Not necessary but it does make working on the system a little nicer.

    I also recommend getting a bottle of Nylog Blue and lubricating all the fittings on the hose with it. Nylog is a lubricant that helps the fittings seal. It makes threading the connections together easier and reduces the chance of a leak. Again, not necessary but nice to have. I put a tiny drop on the rubber seal in each end of the three refrigerant hoses and a bit more on the threads.

    Oh, and I found the leak. Looks like I’ll be replacing a leaky Schrader valve core on the low-side service port… as soon as GG Group Thai delivers my core removal tool. If I keep this up, I’ll have an entire HVAC shop’s worth of tools in my garage.

  2. Jim Snapp

    Just perfect

  3. Dcot

    No bull, it’s a good set. Nice hoses, the fittings are easy to turn. The gages work well. The valves turn without a thought. It’sa quality product for sure! If you’re thinking about these at all, stop and just get them, you won’t regret it

  4. B

    Good quality

  5. Howard

    My old Chineseum set broke the handle off after 1 use. Finally splurged for a good set.

  6. Zack

    Works great, nice quality, durable

  7. Jeremy

    Great tool for the price. If you are just getting started in the hvac industry these are a must have. I suggest getting the adapters with the valves on them help with keeping your lines clean.

  8. Mark A. Weiss

    Used to check refrigerant pressure and add refrigerant to a mini split heat pump. Was easy to use. Fittings are high quality and gauges are top notch. No reason it shouldn’t last a lifetime.

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