Refrost Refrigerant R407C For HVAC Disposable Cylinder 11.3Kg – Best for Air Conditioner

Technical Specifications:

  1. Refrigerant Type:
    • R407C (Hydrofluorocarbon Blend)
  2. Cylinder Type:
    • 11.3 Kg Disposable Cylinder
  3. Purity Level:
    • Maintains high purity levels to ensure optimal and sustained air conditioning system performance.
  4. Chemical Composition:
    • A precisely balanced hydrofluorocarbon blend optimized for superior cooling properties in air conditioning applications.
  5. Pressure-Temperature Relationship:
    • Exhibits specific pressure and temperature characteristics for precise control in air conditioning systems.

Refrost Refrigerant R407C – 11.3Kg Disposable Cylinder – Best for Air Conditioner – Sold by GG Group Thai

Description: Elevate your air conditioning systems with Refrost Refrigerant R407C, available in the efficient 11.3Kg disposable cylinder. This refrigerant, proudly presented by GG Group Thai, is tailored for optimal cooling performance in HVAC applications. R407C is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) blend renowned for its versatility and environmental compatibility.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Air Conditioning Performance:
    • Refrost Refrigerant R407C is engineered to deliver superior cooling efficiency, ensuring a comfortable and consistent climate in air conditioning systems.
  2. Environmental Friendliness:
    • This hydrofluorocarbon blend aligns with environmental regulations, reflecting GG Group Thai’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly cooling solutions.
  3. Versatile Application:
    • Ideal for a diverse range of air conditioning systems, catering to both residential and commercial cooling needs.
  4. 11.3Kg Disposable Cylinder:
    • The 11.3Kg cylinder offers a convenient and portable solution, facilitating easy handling during installation and maintenance.


  • Boiling Point: Stable under normal operating conditions.
  • Thermal Conductivity: Maintains efficient heat transfer for effective cooling.
  • Critical Temperature: Optimized for performance in various air conditioning environments.

Uses: Refrost Refrigerant R407C is specifically designed for air conditioning systems, offering reliable and efficient cooling in various settings.

Packaging: Securely packaged in an 11.3Kg disposable cylinder, the refrigerant preserves its purity and integrity during storage and transportation.

Ordering Information: For inquiries, pricing details, or to place your order for Refrost Refrigerant R407C in the 11.3Kg disposable cylinder, contact GG Group Thai via email at

Elevate your air conditioning systems with Refrost R407C – Excellence in Cooling Solutions by GG Group Thai.

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