Original Bic Lighters J5, J6, J23, J25, J26 Maxi

  1. Bic J5:
    • J5 is a standard Bic lighter model.
    • Typically features a child-resistant mechanism.
    • Available in various colors.
  2. Bic J6:
    • J6 is another standard Bic lighter model.
    • Similar to J5, it often includes a child-resistant feature.
    • Comes in various colors.
  3. Bic J23:
    • The J23 model might be a larger-sized Bic lighter, but specifications can vary.
    • It may offer a longer-lasting flame.
  4. Bic J25:
    • Similar to J23, J25 could be a variant with specific features or designs.
    • It may have a larger fuel capacity.
  5. Bic J26 Maxi:
    • J26 Maxi is likely a larger-sized Bic Maxi lighter.
    • It might have an extended burn time compared to standard-sized lighters.

Original Bic Lighters J5, J6, J23, J25, J26 Maxi

Model No.: Description
Bic Lighters J5, J6, J23, J25, J26 Maxi, Medium and Mini
Main Material: ABS & AS, Plastic, Steel and Metal
Category: Disposable, Flint and Refillable
Height: 81*25*14mm
Technical Specification: resist water of 55 centigrade
Size of carton: 44*27*27cm
G.W./N.W.(kg): 17/16KG
Safety/Quality approval: ISO9001: 2000
Carton dimension: 44*26*27CM

Packing:   50 pieces in a single tray, 20 trays / Carton

BIC Pocket Lighters Top Banner
BIC Pocket Lighters Sagety first

Safety comes first for BIC Lighter

Lighters, although a household object, are pressurised flamable gas with an ignition system. There is nothing more important than these household objects complying with the latest safety standards and this is BIC’s top priority. BIC lighters are made using cutting edge technology and top quality materials. Each BIC lighters undergoes more than 50 individual automatic quality and safety controls before leaving our factories. Every BIC lighter meets or exceeds the requirements in the ISO 9994 international standard, which stipulates the basic safety requirements for all lighters. These requirements include flame height, drop resistance, elevated temperatures, internal pressure tolerance and continuous ignition.

At a glance of Bic:

  • Long-lasting with up to 3,000 lights* (*concerns BIC Mini/Maxi Lighter)
  • Available in various colours
  • Equipped with a child safety lock

BIC Pocket Lighters Safety 1

BIC Pocket Lighter Safety 2

BIC Pocket Lighters Safety 3

BIC is serious about your safety

For over 45 years, BIC has made a continuous commitment to the quality and safety of its lighers. At all of its certified plants, BIC manufactures its lighters to meet the most stringent quality and safety standards. The group is an active member of several international ISO member organisations (AFNOR, DIN, NEN, AENOR, SNV, UNI, ABNT, BSI, etc.) as well as ASTM and CEN. It also keeps its consumers updated on the latest safety-related developments.

The best and nothing but the best

BIC only uses the finest raw materials to manufacture its lighters. They contain pure isobutane gas, which maintains steady pressure no matter how much is left in the reservoir. This makes it possible to produce a constant flame height throughout the lighter’s entire lifetime. Our lighters are housed in an extremely solid material called Delrin. This high-tech resin offers rugged resistance to shock and elevated temperatures, plus the housing can be made ultra-thin so the lighters hold more gas than those of comparable size.

Total-control manufacturing

Every day, over 4 million BIC lighters are manufactured in our plants in France, Spain, North America, Brazil, and China. All of these lighters undergo the same production processes and quality controls. More than 50 automatic quality and safety checks are conducted with high-tech equipment to ensure that each lighter is safe and operating properly. Any lighters that fail one of our tests are taken off the production line to be analysed and destroyed. Quality and safety first!

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