3 Way AC Manifold Gauge Set, HVAC Diagnostic Charging Tool

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  1. Compatibility:
    • The manifold gauge set is designed to work with different types of refrigerants, such as R-134a, R-22, R-404A, and R-410A. Make sure the set you choose is compatible with the refrigerant used in the HVAC system you are working on.
  2. Pressure Range:
    • High-pressure gauge: 0 to 500 PSI
    • Low-pressure gauge: 0 to 120 PSI
    • Compound gauge: -30 inHg to 250 PSI
  3. Hose Length:
    • The length of the hoses can vary, but they are typically long enough to reach the components of the HVAC system without causing inconvenience.
  4. Materials:
    • The gauges and components are constructed from durable materials to withstand the pressures and conditions encountered during HVAC service.
  5. Accuracy:
    • The gauges should provide accurate readings to ensure precise diagnosis and charging of the air conditioning system.
  6. Certifications:
    • Look for certifications or compliance with industry standards to ensure the quality and reliability of the gauge set.
  1. Manifold Gauges:
    • The set includes three gauges: high-pressure gauge, low-pressure gauge, and a compound gauge (measuring both high and low pressures simultaneously).
    • The high-pressure gauge typically measures pressures in the range of 0 to 500 PSI (pounds per square inch), while the low-pressure gauge measures pressures from 0 to 120 PSI.
    • The compound gauge may have a scale ranging from -30 inHg to 250 PSI, allowing it to measure both pressure and vacuum.
  2. Hoses:
    • The set comes with color-coded hoses to connect the manifold gauges to the air conditioning system. Typically, red is for high-pressure, blue is for low-pressure, and yellow is for the refrigerant supply line.
    • The hoses are equipped with quick-connect fittings for easy and secure attachment to the system.
  3. Adapters:
    • Various adapters are included to fit different types of refrigerant ports and systems.
    • Common adapters include those for R-134a and R-22 refrigerants, as well as other refrigerant types.
  4. Carrying Case:
    • Many sets come with a durable carrying case to organize and protect the gauges and accessories during transport and storage.
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Package Dimensions

9.29 x 6.97 x 2.99 inches, 2.31 Pounds

Date First Available

January 16, 2020



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13 reviews

13 reviews for 3 Way AC Manifold Gauge Set, HVAC Diagnostic Charging Tool

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  1. Nicole

    Fácil de usar, la recomiendo

  2. AJL13

    For a one time use, it’s ok. It seemed to work ok for my mini split. I would not trust it if I needed it for a paycheck. Made very very cheaply.

  3. Gabriel Pedrini

    I’m not a professional; I needed the gages to recharge my truck ac after replacing the condenser; saved a lot of money doing it myself. This unit worked well for that; and it’s a good diagnostic tool to have. I paid $30 for it; if you are a pro or will use this on a regular basis, I suggest you spend more $ because this won’t last and it has its limitations.

  4. GG Group Thai Customer

    This item is very easy to use. The instructions are straight forward and a few pictures to back them up.

  5. Customer A

    Kit had everything to replace the leaking Schrader valve on 2004 jeep. Then using gauge set, and vacuum pump, evacuated air/water from system. With the can tap installed new freon. The gauge readings and can ounce amounts were correct. I was happy to have the good quality tool for the job.

  6. Efrain A.

    Très Surpris de la Qualité Prix Merci

  7. leo transit

    Works fine so far, hope it’ll continue to work as described, GOOD JOB THANKS AND GODSPEED! 😇

  8. C

    Good basic gauge set. Nothing fancy but gets the job done. Would be better with longer hoses however.

  9. engin678

    I was not a big fan of manifold gages due to the fact that I had never used them and was a little intimidated on how to use them. This set takes the guess work out of it. Very easy to use and the quick connectors only fit their intended connection, basically you can’t go wrong. I would highly recommend everyone have a set and for this price, why not. There are a lot of “how to use” videos if you need extra help using them.

  10. Robert M.

    parts sent were used. replacement included part were also used.

  11. Yvon

    Each of the hoses started leaking well below their 500 psi rating, during a nitrogen test. One had a leak near the brass crimp to the end connection but the others had pinhole leaks along their length. Definitely not capable of 500 psig. The manifold seems okay but the plastic cover fell off one of the gauges right away, it’s screwed on so I could just put it back on.

  12. Gabriel Pedrini

    Gauges have to be assembled – some parts have to be screwed together, not difficult, everything is color coded. No tools needed, as finger tight is recommended.

    All necessary parts are included, except for a can of Freon, to top up an auto A/C system. This assumes the system has not been opened to air, there is some pressure in either the high or low pressure side, and that the system does not need to be evacuated. If the system has been opened, you’ll also need a vacuum pump.

    There is no schrader valve on the manifold where the evac/charge (yellow) hose attaches. This valve would be used to purge air from the manifold prior to adding Freon. The purge can easily be accomplished by simply loosening the charge/evac (yellow) hose AFTER the can is attached to the charge (yellow) hose and tapped. In fact, some youtube videos recommend this method. The purge is necessary, as failing to purge will introduce air, and (even worse) water, into the A/C system.

    NOTE: wearing both gloves (nitrile is sufficient – not sure I’d trust cloth) and EYE PROTECTION is really necessary when handling Freon, as it can freeze both skin and eyeballs. Gloves are absolutely required if you purge the charge hose by loosening the screw-on fitting – the only method available with this tool. I absolutely would NOT trust this (or any) set of gauges to not leak at some point – most likely due to operator error – so be safe and wear your gear.

    The A/C on my ’95 4Runner had been getting warmer and warmer for the last few years. These gauges allowed me to add the correct amount of R134A, by adding small amounts at a time and monitoring both gauges, to correctly fill a partially filled system. An R134A chart (google it) is nice to have, as it tells you what high and low pressure to look for based on ambient (outside) temperature.

    I’m now getting 38F-40F air at the dashboard vents. Prior to the refill, if it was 85F outside, I got 85F at the vents.

  13. Tutone

    Nice tool for that price ; if i knew before , i woud’nt had waited so long ; now it’s time to use it ; seems pretty easy…

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