Bluefire Hose MAPP Gas Soldering Torch Full Kit

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  • Diameter: 2.94 Inch
  • Height: 10.64 Inch
  • Capacity: 14.1 Ounce
  • Standard Cylinder Outlet: CGA 600
  • DOT Specification: 39 NRC
  • Pressure Rating: 250 PSI
  • Weight: 1.9 Pound
  • Melting Point/Freezing Point -301 Deg F
  • Initial Boiling Point -54.4 Deg F
  • Flash Point -162 Deg F
  • Vapor Pressure Rating 109.73 PSIG
  • Relative Density 0.52

BLUEFIRE Hose MAPP Gas Soldering Torch Full Kit

  • PRO KIT – Professional’s Ready-To-Go Kit with the Hosed Pen Torch, 6 x Relaceable Heads, Piezo Lighter, and the Storage Box. Upgraded CSA certified hose for more safety and Piezo igniter for higher ignition rate!
  • ALL PURPOSE – BLUEFIRE HT-1933 is a powerful and portable soldering torch station that would meet all your needs! No matter you are professionals or DIYers, if you need to do some precision projects that requires higher temperature than those Butane soldering torches, this soldering station is perfect tool for you!
  • ACCESSORIES – HT-1933 is equipped with 3′ long hose, allowing you enough space to move around during working. It is manually ignited, more traditional and reliable, a FREE flint spark lighter are included! You can also check our store for interchangeable Soldering Iron Heads Set that specially designed for this torch, make this an ALL PURPOSE tool for almost all working needs.
  • FUEL VERSATILE – Compatible with all portable fuel gas on the market, such as MAPP, MAP/Pro, Propane.
  • HOTTER & EASIER – This torch is run by propane or MAPP bottles with USA standard CGA600 connection. Much Hotter than the Butane, able to reach to higher temperatures and handle more difficult works!
  • LONGER RUNNING TIME – With the USA standard fuel cylinders, the running time for this torch is much longer, as an example, for a bottle of 16.1 oz MAPP pre-filled cylinder, the running time for this torch is more than 6 hours without refill. NO MORE FREQUENT REFILLS REQUIRED!
  • BEST WITH MAPP – To get the best performance, we highly recommended to use our BLUEFIRE Mordern MAPP Gas with this torch. Please check our store to purchase.
Additional information


Item Weight

‎1.59 pounds


‎Alloy Steel

Maximum Temperature

‎1300 Degrees Celsius

Product Dimensions

‎2.05"L x 6.59"W x 12.87"H



Part Number


Country of Origin


Item model number



‎Pro Kit


‎Pro Full Kit

Power Source


Item Package Quantity


Measurement System




Included Components

‎6x Replaceable Soldering Iron Heads, Flint Spark Lighter, Storage Box, Hosed Pen Torch

Batteries Required


Warranty Description

‎Limited Manufacturer Warranty for 1 year

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8 reviews

8 reviews for Bluefire Hose MAPP Gas Soldering Torch Full Kit

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  1. mando_ray

    I bought this to replace an older Burnzomatic MAPP gas pencil torch which they no longer make. This one seems to work well, but the old one had a really flexible hose which this one does not. Still it’s a good torch for what I need. I use it for soldering PL259 and other heavy duty connectors. I wanted something that would use MAPP gas for the extra heat.

  2. Scotty Prevatt

    The size is the key feature to outline in this review. Working with map gas gives the best result when soldering or using it as a torch. The hose is stiff and can make the fuel tank easy to knock over but setting the tank in a base helps with this issue. Over all great simple tool wish i had this years ago

  3. Robert M.

    this product had very few instructions. When i hooked it up all the valves were open and flowing gas. it was a good thing i smelled it and had a draw fan. The only instructions were 2 sentences on the box. and a gagle of warnings.

  4. John Comeau

    I bought it after decades of buying butane soldering pens that work well at first, for small jobs anyway, and then degrade to uselessness over a period of months, particularly when sub-standard butane is used (and price/reputation is no predictor of a good batch, apparently). But this thing came with no instructions, and the video was more of a marketing tool than a step-by-step introduction to the workings of the torch itself.

    Plus, the piezo lighter is only good for the flame attachment, or possibly also for the soldering base but only before a tip is inserted. Since it would become instantly too hot to safely screw in a tip once lit, the only way I can see is to assemble fully the soldering iron, and then use a butane lighter.

    I hadn’t seen Hao’s review until just before writing my own. That would definitely have helped. But luckily I didn’t have an experience like Vince’s (see his video review).

    My tips for lighting, which I only stumbled upon while giving it one last chance before requesting a return label: the main adjustment, on the part that connects to the tank, opens for 7 and 1/2 half-turns (3 and 3/4 full turns). Open it 3 half-turns to light the torch. The adjustment on the torch handle (the blue thing) opens 1 and 1/2 half turns, or 3/4 of a turn. I opened it halfway (3/4 of a half-turn). I lit the torch tip at the catalyst, after attempting unsuccessfully to light it at the hole at the base of the tip. It flamed for a few seconds, then turned red, and I was good to go. It only took a few more seconds before the head melted solder, and I had my job done in under a minute.

    If it doesn’t also degrade, this will have been my best purchase in a soldering iron in my life.

    Bluefire: produce an instructional PDF for fricksakes, and post it on your website! Make sure it covers all variants of the models!

  5. Antonio Farinho

    Good torch, the flame is very precise and blue, I liked the feel and sound of the gas flowing/burning. Unfortunately, the gas regulator which attach to the cylinder, did not work at all and I had to return it. (the torch itself has another regulator). I also found that the hose was very rigid and difficult to uncoil, for precision welding its hard to deal with the hose shape, when trying to move the torch the hose will not uncoil and actually drag the cylinder with it, you need two hands to get the hose straight, it’s a bit aggravating. For that reason I decided not to have it replaced, just returned.

  6. Humberto

    Todo en tiempo satisfecho

  7. Rocio

    Im keeping it but it does feel off , I have to play around with it , it would turn off by itself sometimes. I’m using it for soldering/silversmithing projects , I think it might work for small components.

  8. Russell Stephan

    I’m currently building a bunch of 240 volt 50 amp cables. I like to solder the ends of the cooper wire to keep shorting whiskers from being a problem. In the past when doing one or two cables, I’d just use a propane cylinder with a standard plumber’s torch. But, the setup isn’t exactly a precision solution.

    I purchased this with the intent on using MAPP gas to solder tin the big-gauge cables. The problem is, the short 3′ 1/8″ (3.2mm) 20bar (~300psi) hose is far too stiff to move the torch around easily. As a fix, I’ve ordered a 10′ air brush hose. A MAPP gas cylinder produces about 100psi. This is about the maximum pressure for such hose. I couldn’t find any listings for burst pressure. I’ll be anchoring the hose to the barbs with a wire clamp tool similar to the ClampTite offering.

    Also, the torch output seems to be rather inconsistent as it warms. Like being in the shower, as the pipes heat up, the hot water volume decreases. Just be aware and keep an eye out and adjust as necessary.

    The included spark igniter is useless. Have a Bic BBQ or candle lighter on-hand to use as a torch lighter.

    I’m sure once I massage the tool to get it to work the way I need it to, it will function well. But, the fact I have to do the work to make it work, kinda blows.

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